Our mission is to help cleaning companies define global standards in cleaning operations across their entire portfolio of properties.


Floor Manager’s mobile apps are customizable for how each cleaning company works. The apps empower teams to automate, schedule, and easily log mandatory cleaning tasks. Any task in a cleaning workflow can be added by managers for cleaning teams to perform and track, in real-time.

Empower managers to communicate, automate and get things done, from anywhere.


Supervisors and managers use the Team Requests App to assign urgent requests, schedule automated tasks, receive progress alerts and collect cleaning services data quickly and easily.

The Team Requests App automatically translates English to any language for non-English speaking cleaning teams.

The Floor Manager App revolutionizes cleaning operations technology with the introduction of an easy to use and innovative, labor-centric app for cleaners.

Cleaning teams use the Floor Manager mobile app to easily attend to service requests, complete scheduled tasks, request and check-in inventory, report issues and stick to an automated, operational routine while collecting services data for every task.

Available in English and Spanish, with translations in over 100 languages.

With Ops Portal, managers track cleaning team and individual cleaner performance in real-time through easy to use dashboards, reporting and data visualization.

View progress for requests and recurring tasks, check inventory supplies and requests, react to property issues reported by your teams and make sure your company is operating consistently for your clients.


You can automatically generate client reports that represent every scope of work task, and use predictive analytics to budget for labor, inventory costs and management time across your client portfolio.



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