Floor Manager fixes labor operations problems by encouraging teamwork, tracking accountability and defining standards that save time, money and inventory. Data is collected for every task on every job.

Work Experience Improvement

Convenience is everything. When it comes to workspace experience and cleanliness, your employees can use Floor Manager to easily make service requests, upkeep offices on time, schedule tasks on the go and free up time to enjoy work and be more productive.

Colleagues Working Together
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Inventories on Hand

You know what your employees need to thrive. Floor Manager helps companies ensure that inventories are always on hand, inexpensively. Through our streamlined inventory request and check-in process, employees can always find the tools they need to execute their next big idea or last minute task without delay.

Services Empowered

Create real accountability and teamwork for operations teams. Routine tasks and service requests clearly communicate the work required and how to get it done.

Available in English and Spanish.

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Predict and Forecast Intelligently

Floor Manager turns services data into gold. Supervisors use Floor Manager's predictive analytics to plan and budget operational expenses, labor and inventories required throughout the year.

Return on Investment

 Floor Manager reduces operational costs instantly.

We've reduced labor, inventory spend and time managing teams at scale.

Building Community Manager

Innovate your operations: