Now more than ever, cleaning teams have to be smart, safe, easy to manage and always collecting services data.

Cleaning companies use our software to automate their cleaning team services and create accountability never before seen in the cleaning industry.

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Floor Manager Apps are available in over 100 languages with instant translation technology.


We've worked with hundreds of cleaning teams to ensure our apps are fast, easy to use and customized for their cleaning workflows. We guarantee a best in class user experience for cleaning companies, anywhere.
Our custom apps reduce labor costs and management time, keep cleaners informed with automated task scheduling, make it easy to collect services data and simply make work better, and smarter, for everyone.


Reduce labor costs by
Save inventory spend by
Reduce urgent request response time by


Floor Manager helps cleaning teams work faster, smarter and more efficiently. Check out some of our customer testimonials below to get a sense of how we impact cleaning operations for various industries.

"Saves me 10 hours a week in management time."

Coworking Building Operations Manager


Learn how Floor Manager can reduce cleaning operational expenses, save management time and enhance your cleaning team's experience in the workplace. Let us know when a good time is to connect with you.

We're making our apps free

of charge to FIGHT COVID-19.

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